The Ambrose

1255 20th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 315-1555

GBC 2016-18

By blending upscale tranquility with affordable luxury and low impact hotel practices, The Ambrose offers guests a touch of truly holistic hospitality. In addition to being the first pilot City of Santa Monica Green Certified Hotel in 2006, and a member of the Green Hotels Association, The Ambrose is committed to protecting the environment and preserving precious natural resources.

The Ambrose comprehensive recent major remodel integrates increased water and energy efficiency. Guest restrooms feature dual flush toilets, and throughout the hotel high efficient faucet aerators and LED lighting upgrades were completed.  New computer monitors are rated Energy Star.

The Ambrose diverts over 70% of their waste from ending up in landfill via reduce, reusing practices and co-mingled recycling, along with offsite composting of their food waste.  Sustainable procurement incorporates 100% post-consumer content printing paper, and Green Seal certified janitorial paper products like facial and toilet tissue. Gourmet continental breakfast for guests includes fresh fruit, organic yogurt and Groundwork certified Fair Trade and organic coffee, roasted locally in Southern California.

Drip irrigation is installed for landscaping, and mulch is applies to lock in moisture and as a natural pest deterrent. A SAVE THE PLANET board lists environmental tips, local ordinances and resources to keep staff updated on sustainability issues. The Ambrose regularly donates to non-profit organizations and promotes the good work they are doing throughout the community in their monthly e-newsletter.

"As a green hotel the Ambrose has made a promise to put environmental initiatives into action that ensure our impact is as minimal and positive as possible and our continuous work with the Green Business Certification program has helped us keep that promise! "

Anne Carmack

Sales Manager and Environmental Coordinator, The Ambrose