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"Becoming a certified Green Business was a great experience. Everyone was on board from the start with expert guidance, support and easy to use tools. We addressed water usage, both inside and outside, got a handle on which cleaning products are both effective and friendly to the environment, and I think our biggest success came in upping our game in trash and recycling."

Lisa Gevov

Business Development, Campos Creative Works

"Businesses achieving the "Innovator Tier" certification are leaders in their industry, setting an example for how businesses can operate with the three pillars of sustainability as a core practice - supporting the environment, equity and local economy. They meet the highest verifiable California Green Business Network criteria and are leading the movement for California businesses making a positive impact on people and the planet."

Jo Fleming, Executive Director

California Green Business Network

"Every salon should achieve a Green Certification through their City and partner with Green Circle Salons to reduce their waste by up to 95%. It is not that hard to separate the bins to collect the materials for recycling and repurposing. By charging an extra $2 to our clients, we offset the associated costs"

Sara Hallajian

Co-Owner, Bombshell Santa Monica

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