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"Every salon should achieve a Green Certification through their City and partner with Green Circle Salons to reduce their waste by up to 95%. It is not that hard to separate the bins to collect the materials for recycling and repurposing. By charging an extra $2 to our clients, we offset the associated costs"

Sara Hallajian

Co-Owner, Bombshell Santa Monica

"Perry's is saving more than $4,000 annually in energy costs. We also purchase eco-friendly products, save water and maintain a store-wide recycling program. We feel that it is our responsibility, and the duty of all business owners, to be green, to educate themselves, their staff and their customers."

Richard Chacker

Owner, Perry's Cafe & Rentals

"Three Squares Inc. is one of our most valued partners and has been integral to developing, implementing, and communicating our sustainability initiatives. The team’s depth of expertise combined with their exceptional work quality has made them instrumental in helping us elevate our climate action strategies."

Raminta Jautokas

Manager, Corporate Sustainability, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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