Santa Monica Ballet Folklorico

2720 Neilson Ave. #5273
Santa Monica, CA 90405

GBC 2021-2024

Established in 2007, Santa Monica Ballet Folklorico is the only Ballet Folklorico Dance company in Santa Monica. Their goal is to keep the vibrant culture alive on the Westside through the art of Dance.  Ballet Folklorico is folk dance from Mexico and Latin America.

Sustainability is an integral part of Santa Monica Ballet Folklorico operations from the costumes they produce to day-to-day management. Their wish is to inspire their customers and community to make environmentally responsible choices and lead in living a sustainable lifestyle.  Santa Monica Ballet Folklorico demonstrates a strong commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling in all that they do. They even encourage Costume Exchanges and resale amongst their dancers.

The home office is powered by 100% renewable energy from the community choice energy provider (sometimes known as a CCA), Clean Power Alliance. Santa Monica Ballet Folklorico encourages all employees to purchase the 100% renewable energy option from their own CCA or utility.  Based on the results of analyzing their carbon footprint via the Cool Climate Network calculator, Santa Monica Ballet Folklorico business owners pledge to eat a low carbon diet, plant trees and reduce materials ending up in local landfills by recycling and separating food waste into the Green Cart so it can be collected for recycling via the City's Resource Recovery & Recycling Organics program.

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