Reformation Santa Monica

2937 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(855) 756-0560

GBC 2022-2025

Founded in 2009, Reformation is a revolutionary lifestyle brand that proves that fashion and sustainability can coexist. Combining stylish, vintage-inspired designs with sustainable practices into every aspect of the business, Reformation releases limited-edition collections that are 100% carbon neutral, and has been doing so since 2015. The brand also runs the first sustainable factory in Los Angeles, uses deadstock and eco fabrics, tracks and shares the environmental impact of every product, and invests in the people who make this revolution possible.

With a radical commitment of going beyond neutrality to become fully Climate Positive by 2025, Reformation’s mission is to bring sustainable fashion to more people around the world and disrupt the norms—from supply chain to consumer experience—with the ultimate goal of pushing the industry forward, changing the world’s view on the fashion industry, and educating consumers about the powerful effect that we can all have on the planet. The brand is reforming the way people think and creating beautiful collections out of surplus materials (that people would have otherwise thought of as waste), as well as innovative, next-gen materials.

Reformation opened their first retail store in 2009 before it had an online experience. The brand firmly believes in meeting the customer where they are shopping, and physical retail is a crucial touchpoint for consumers. Reformation has continued to establish itself as a pioneer in retail innovation, developing an in-store tech concept that creates a more seamless shopping experience by bringing the best of its online experience to its physical doors.  

Reformation's mission is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone.