PS1 Pluralistic School

1225 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 394-1313

GBC 2020-2023

PS1 Pluralistic School emphasizes a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to fostering the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to build a sustainable world for present and future generations. PS1 incorporates environmental sustainability into all aspects of the institution including curriculum, professional development, student life, physical operations, procurement, construction, and renovations. Students are taught through hands-on experiences in a sustainable environment as a basis to understand and form humanitarian behaviors. 

Green building features include a natural ventilation system, playing field made of artificial turf that requires no water, choosing the 100% renewable energy option on their Edison bill via the Clean Power Alliance community choice provider, and energy-efficient lighting systems ranging from LEDs, motion sensors, and photocells throughout the campus. 

PS1 implemented an Environmental purchasing policy that specifies giving preference to paper products containing the highest percentage of post-consumer content and Green Seal Certified cleaners including peroxide-based EPA List N Disinfectants. PS1 created an on-line carpool map that displays where students live in the community to facilitate car-pooling. This innovative application increased carpooling by 38%.