Plús Hús Manufactured by MINARC

2324 Michigan Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 998-8894

GBC 2021-2024

Plús Hús is a 16’ x 20’ customizable modern structure that can be erected in a backyard for living in / renting out, as a home office, play room, guest house, art studio, yoga/meditation space, pool house and more. Sustainably manufactured in Los Angeles, each Plús Hús is constructed with mnmMOD panels for a long lasting, energy efficient structure. The Plús Hús is customizable - available in 3 main configurations and a number of choices for finishing materials.

Home to Minarc Group, this green-certified office features a sun room that houses an herb garden for employees to relax in or harvest, minimal use of disposable items, and green cleaning. Highlights include:

  • Energy efficiency. Ample skylights provide natural sunlight. LED lights are only turned on after sunset.
  • Water efficiency. The ReFlow sink - ReFlow, a product designed by Minarc, is a simplistic design that allows for reusing water by repurposing the greywater from washing your hands to flush the toilet. 
  • Zero waste practices:
  • Reducing.  Cloth towels and reusable cloths for cleaning instead of disposable paper towels and cleaning wipes. Incoming packaging materials are used in outgoing shipments. In-house coffee machine uses reusable coffee pods instead of disposable ones.
  • Reusing.  Materials reuse. Only reusable kitchenware is stocked for employee use. Items that are no longer needed are donated to The People Concern, a local charity that offers a range of services tailored to the unique needs of people experiencing homelessness.
  • Recycling.  In addition to blue bin recycling, food and landscape waste is separated and collected by City of Santa Monica R3 for composting. 
  • Procurement.  Sustainable Purchasing Policy commits to sourcing paper products containing 30-100% post-consumer waste and green cleaners manufactured by companies such as Bona and ECOS.