NWLA Bridal

1107 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403


GBC 2020-2023

NWLA Bridal is an esteemed wedding boutique located on Montana Avenue a few blocks from the beach. Owner, Nadia Williamson, owner and expert stylist, provides an intimate one-on-one dress shopping experience from start to finish, for the bride and her bridal party.  Customers boast the store is a hidden gem with exceptional customer service provided by Nadia in the flesh.

How can a bridal shop be green? Just like any retail space, by taking simple steps to conserve water, energy, minimize waste and toxic cleaning agents, and giving preference to sustainable procurement choices.

NWLA Bridal minimizes waste by serving clients water and/or champagne in reusable glasses, and providing only reusable garment bags. Most customer communications and transactions are completed digitally, so only 3 reams of paper are used annually. For water conservation, NWLA replaced their old toilet with a high pressure assist toilet flushing 1 gallon. A high-efficiency aerator was installed in the restroom sink faucet, reducing the flow from 1.7 gallons to only half a gallon per minute – a reduction of over 200%.  All of NWLA’s water conservation fixtures including installation were provided at no charge through the City of Santa Monica’s Water Efficiency incentive programs.

To achieve certification, NWLA implemented a sustainable policy to procure paper products, from tissue paper to paper towels containing a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content. Additionally, the bridal shop transitioned to sustainable cleaning supplies third party certified by Green Seal or US EPA Safer Choice.