Interactive Data

2901 28th Street, #300
Santa Monica, CA 90405

GBC 2016-18

Interactive Data delivers a comprehensive set of products and services designed to meet the needs of the front, middle and back offices around the world. Interactive Data helps support business’ investment activities and operational workflow through a broad range of offerings. 

Interactive Data launched a Personal Responsibility campaign to encourage staff to practice eco-friendly actions in the workplace such as refilling water and coffee in reusable beverage containers, and brining in their own silverware. Their office features an inline water purification system on each floor to reduce the use of bottled water. To cut energy use in their over lit staff lounge, they de-lamped one third of the lighting ballasts (about 30) and simply opened up the blinds to allow in more natural light.

To reduce waste, such as single serving packets of sweeteners and creamers, they sourced a coffee condiment machine from Perfect Servings that dispenses single servings at a push of a button. To reduce the number of toner cartridges purchased, they switched to multi-function units that fax, print and copy.  Interactive Data also gives preference to environmentally-preferred procurement like EPA’s Safer Choice labelled Earth Friendly Products ordered in bulk sizes through Office Max. The Safer Choice label helps consumers find products that perform well and are safer for human health and the environment.  Office and janitorial paper supplies from copy paper to paper towels contain 30% - 100% post-consumer recycled content.  They also go above and beyond by providing fair trade and organic coffee options for employees.  They maintain a staff communication board and post information such as ridesharing resources. Many employees utilize the California Parking Cash-Out program.