3250 Ocean Park Blvd. #320
Santa Monica, CA 90405

GBC 2016-18

Inspire Energy is a tech start-up that’s creating smarter ways for people to power their home. Inspire's inaugural product offering enables consumers to make their homes run on 100% wind power in less than five minutes. In everything they do, Inspire aims to help people live well and do good.

Inspire Energy implements many measures to reduce their own carbon footprint in-house. They strive towards Zero Waste by procuring reusable kitchenware instead of disposables destined to end up in landfills. The absence of a kitchen sink with running water, did not stop them from providing a set of reusable coffee mugs and bamboo silverware for employees. Due to its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, bamboo utensils can maintained without water; by simply wiping with a cloth after use (and hand washing occasionally with dish soap and water).  Each employee, upon hire, also receives a company branded water bottle and commuter mug for refills.

Inspire Energy collects spent K-cups for recycling through Keurig’s Grounds to Grow On program where the grounds are converted into compost, and the remaining K−Cup® pack grinds are converted into energy through an energy-from-waste process. Energy bar wrappers, generally not accepted in the blue bin, are collected and recycled through Terracycle. Inspire Energy also supports the local Santa Monica community by organizing Heal the Bay Beach Clean Ups for staff volunteering.