Gorman and Miller

201 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 656-8000


GBC 2016-2018

Gorman & Miller is a sophisticated, Santa Monica-based law firm, with an emphasis on commercial real estate transactions, business and real estate litigation, venture capital transactions, and probate and estate planning. Operating as a sustainably minded law firm is a WIN-WIN for Gorman & Miller in a range of ways.  They integrate Environmental policies into employee manuals, ensuring each employee is informed concerning their environmentally-friendly practices.  This Santa Monica office reduces their energy load with LED lights and operable windows. All cleaning chemicals procured in-house are non-toxic. To reduce costs associated with wasted resources, Gorman & Miller replaces the purchase of individual bottles of still water with glass refills from a dispenser.  For carbonated water requests, Gorman & Miller’s Green Team staff decided to go one step further with replacing the purchase of carbonated water bottles with a Soda Stream sparkling water maker.

As a law firm striving for a paperless operation, Gorman & Miller utilizes various forms of modern technology. They reduce the extensive use of paper in both transactional and litigated matters by digitizing their paper files and employing a customized  online document management system called the Closing Table® (www.iclosings.com) which enables clients and their counterparties to securely access, approve and digitally sign documents via any Internet connected device.  As such, employees can work remotely from home which reduces traffic congestion and eliminates office commute time.  As an incentive to increase LA Metro ridership, Gorman & Miller contributes $100 toward each employee monthly TAP pass. Not only does this incentive help alleviate Santa Monica’s traffic congestion; it also saves the company hundreds of dollars per month on paying in excess of $200 per parking space.