Bryan Cave LLP

120 Broadway, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401

GBC 2014-16

Bryan Cave LLP is a leading business and litigation firm with a long history of success offering legal counsel and advice in virtually every area of interest to business and entrepreneurial clients.

Innovative, local and socially responsible sustainable strategies include hosting “Staff Appreciation Week” coordinating beach clean-ups with Heal the Bay for employees to participate in during paid work hours. The firm procures eco-friendly cleaners for office use and contract with a Green Seal certified company to maintain their carpets. Bryan Cave's sustainable business practices, ranging from adopting the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge to purchasing post-consumer content recycled paper office and janitorial supplies, are outlined in their Sustainability Policy which is included in the company manual.

Comprehensive Zero Waste practices include replacing kitchen disposables like paper cups and plastic utensils with reusable mugs and silverware, and eliminating individual bottles of water office-wide. The company branded Bryan Cave reusable glasses and installed water dispensers in each conference room. The firm, world-wide, purchased mugs for over 1,000 employees to further their zero waste efforts. They recouped the costs associated with purchasing silverware within 3 months compared to spending money on disposables. Their zero waste efforts go beyond their office walls to the courtrooms – pushing for the legal system to permit case binders to be reused for each lawsuit.