2431 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 450-0440

GBC 2021-2024 Salon

Bombshell, who opened their Main Street doors in 2013, is the inaugural hair salon in Santa Monica to achieve the recently launched Green Business Certification. As business owners, stylists, and members of the Santa Monica community, they are taking the responsibility to do their part in reducing the beauty industry’s contribution to environmental pollution.

One of their first steps was joining the Green Circle Salon network of North American beauty salons committed to reducing the industry’s environmental footprint by instituting a series of recycling and repurposing methods to every aspect of the salon’s daily business. To achieve the Santa Monica Green Certification, they implemented comprehensive energy, water, waste, and pollution prevention practices. Bombshell collects materials for recycling and repurposing in 10 bins labeled paper, plastic, hair, metals, face masks, excess color, cotton, glass, and organics (food waste). Green Circle turns hair clippings into hair booms to help clean up oil spills. Hair is biosorbent, which means it's a natural substance that absorbs oil while repelling water. This great effort keeps hair clippings out of landfills while doing something positive for the planet. Leftover organics are collected by the City of Santa Monica R3 Division.

Most importantly, their Kevin Murphy and OWAY hair products do not contain carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, or toxic chemicals and offer carbon neutral delivery options. OWAY uses a biodynamic method to grow and harvest medicinal herbs free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional agriculture.

To conserve water, Bombshell uses ECOHEADS showerheads reducing water & energy usage by up to 65% by increasing water pressure and adding negative ions to deliver a more efficient rinse. They purchase paper towels, copy, and tissue paper containing 30-100% post-consumer recycled content. Their toilet tissue, from Who Gives a Crap, is a B Corp™ certified company.