Bird Rides Inc.

2501 Colorado Avenue, Floor 2
Santa Monica, CA 90404

GBC 2019-2022

Bird is a clean energy micro-mobility company, managing fleets of shared electric vehicles in 100 cities across the globe. Their mission is to make cities more livable and reduce number of cars from the road by providing communities with clean, affordable, and fun non-vehicular transportation options.

To remain consistent with their commitment to sustainability, Bird is buying renewable energy credits and carbon offsets to mitigate the energy used to deliver and charge their scooters.  The Bird office headquarters in Santa Monica established a Green Birds Committee led by marketing, operations and procurement staff to educate team members and advance sustainable efforts office-wide. The Green Birds worked together to increase water and energy efficiency, switch to eco-certified cleaners and procure paper supplies containing post-consumer recycled content. The following measures are included in Bird’s company's employee handbook and new employee training:

Striving to be a zero waste, all new hires are provided with a ceramic mug and stainless steel water bottles. In addition, Bird is eliminating all disposable cups– replacing with Bird branded stainless steel and ceramic cups stocked in the employee kitchen for refilling. Bird provides daily catered staff lunches for staff and composts left over food, food-soiled paper waste and wood utensils.  Leftover uneaten foods are picked up by Replate 3 times a week and donated to The People Concern (formerly OPCC).

To encourage staff participation in water conservation and waste reduction efforts, The Green Birds collaborated with corporate marketing team to create customized signage posted in the employee cafeteria.   Bird replaced all daily-use cleaning chemicals with EPA Safer Choice, Green Seal and EcoLogo certified cleaners like multi-purpose, glass and whiteboard cleaners.  All antibacterial soaps and air fresheners are discontinued– also replaced with EPA Safer Choice certified alternatives.

To give back to their surrounding communities, Bird encourages and organizes employee participation in beach clean-ups in Santa Monica and tree planting events in East LA.