Euphoria Loves RAWvolution

2301 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 396-4300

GBC 2014-16

RAWvolution is a local hangout for raw, vegan & organic eats with smoothies, fresh juices & hot drinks, live music along with a retail market selling products off the shelf. They also provide raw food meal deliveries - each week preparing a unique box of organic, prepared raw foods. With a strong commitment to using conscious and planet resourceful methods in every aspect of their services, 95% of all foods purchased at RAWvolution (nothing frozen or micro-waved) are USDA certified organic. The remaining 5% are foods that cannot be sourced USDA organic, like young coconuts. As a small restaurant, RAWvolution makes a significant impact on supplier demand for sustainably certified products.

All of RAWvolution's pre and post-consumer food waste composted through Santa Monica’s R3 Food Scraps program. All to-go containers disposed of onsite are also composted or recycled. Instead of selling retail bottled water, staff and customers refill glasses from water dispensers. All of these measures allow RAWvolution to successfully divert 75% of their total waste stream from landfill.

RAWvolution now serves hot coffee using David Wolfe’s Organic Longevity Coffee; the first organic coffee with a low-acidic profile on the market. The façade of their new coffee bar is made from reclaimed wood, and the counter top at point of sale is made from a naturally fallen juniper tree. RAWvolution is an active member of the Main Street Business Improvement District, advocating the support and promotion of local businesses, and helped launch the Green Business Certification program in 2006 as a pilot business. RAWvolution has a strong commitment to social and environmental justice and advocates various causes in the cafe, as well as via online presence. Look out for RAWvolution’s booth at the Sunday Main Street Farmers Market!