Bareburger Organic

2732 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 392-2122

GBC 2017-19

Bareburger Organic, a US micro chain with over 50 world-wide locations, opened their flagship West Coast Santa Monica location in 2016. Bareburger serves fries, shakes and salads sourced from organic and local ingredients from each site all over the world; if Wisconsin has the best cheese and Montana knows the best bison, they work extra hard to bring those ingredients to the franchise location. Bareburger gives back tot heir community by joining the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Buy Local Santa Monica Campaign, hiring locally, and participating in the Green Business Program - achieving a speedy certification within six months! Bareburger supports the Center for Food Safety's Cool Foods Campaign by:

  • Sourcing Fresh, unprocessed foods
  • Buying local and in-season
  • Choose organic foods when possible
  • Eliminate industrial meat & dairy consumption, and opt instead for pasture-raised products

Bareburger supports the 3R's of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - by prioritizing the purchase of repurposed materials; from scouring pads made from 100% post-consumer content waste to their oak dining and bar tables. To decrease marine pollution, Bareburger switched to Aardvard paper straws and implemented a Straws on Demand policy. Bareburger employees only offer a paper straw if a customer specifically requests one. This action can reduce straw consumption by 40%. They also switched to compostable wooden utensils for to-go orders. Bareburger staff also asks guests if they need condiment packets before automatically bagging them with to-go orders. 

Bareburger procures Green Seal certified chemicals for the Ecolab products ranging from multipurpose to pot/pan and glass cleaners. General Managers Chris and Mark, in addition to increasing their own sustainable procurement for janitorial paper and cleaning products, influenced a ripple effect of these products choices for Bareburger to integrate into their corporate policy world wide. To incentive employees to bike to work, they partner with a bike shop on Main Street to offer tune ups and repairs at discounted prices - in exchange for a Bareburger discount. Well done Bareburger Santa Monica!